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Revolutions in Vertical Flight

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As the world races to produce a commercially viable eVTOL aircraft capable of human and goods transportation, the discussions around autonomy, mission needs and community acceptance continue to grow. Everyone from CEOs and major investors to engineers and city planners deliberate on upcoming mobility needs and how to address these in the most efficient, technologically advanced way.

“[Bell] courageously and smartly look[s] at new technologies, configurations and missions. We challenge ourselves to expand or understand different verticals that could be more critical to us in the new emerging market than they have been in the past.” – Scott Drennan, Vice President of Innovation, in Episode Six: The Future of VTOL Innovation.

"However, to make this vision a reality, we can't just produce the VTOL aircraft. We also need to define how and where they're going to operate and how they will work seamlessly within our cities. We understand this is a big undertaking, but bringing complex systems to the market is what we do. It can't just be us either. It will require collaboration across industry, regulatory agencies, other interested parties and the communities where they will operate." - Mitch Snyder, President and CEO of Bell, in Episode Five: The Dream of Urban Air Mobility.

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Hear about aviation innovation with Shephard Media's Revolutions in Vertical Flight podcast.

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