The Future Battlespace

Bell shares its plans for future vertical lift program sustainability and success.

The future battlespace will be shaped by the advanced vertical lift technology being designed and tested today. As the Bell V-280 Valor presses on, expanding its envelope, and the Bell 360 Invictus continues to pique national interest, Bell teams are already laying the groundwork for this future. Ensuring the product is sustainable and affordable for the U.S. Army is equally as critical to program success as flight testing and performance demonstrations. Bell Program Manager Frank Lazzara knows it best of all. "Those of us who've lived in the field or been in the military for any length of time know that if you can't keep it flying, it doesn't matter how good it is. It's got to be in the air.”

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Hear more about Bell's future plans for future vertical lift sustainability on Shephard Media's Revolutions in Vertical Flight podcast.