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EVTOL: Uniting Commercial and Military Industries

New technology. New opportunities for all industries.

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From the Bell X-1 plane to Agility Prime, the U.S. Armed Forces have been pioneers in vertical lift technology, partnering with major original equipment manufacturers to create something revolutionary. Today, they're just as interested in adapting new technology to benefit our warfighters and modernize the battlefield.

With eVTOL taking the reigns as a new method for transporting goods, ground surveillance and attack reconnaissance, the U.S. military is eager to incorporate the latest technology trends from the commercial market.

In an article from Inside Unmanned Systems, David Arterburn recalls how military and commercial markets have always been intertwined in terms of innovation. “If you look back at the early 1950s and ’60s, the military and NASA would build first and the commercial industry would then commercialize different defense technologies. Now it’s happening very much in reverse,” he said.

Whether it is the Agility Prime initiative from the Air Force or the Future Vertical Lift initiative from the U.S. Army, the U.S. Military is ready to employ tiltrotor technology, eVTOL, autonomous flight and more to gain competitive advantage on the battlefield.