On-Demand Mobility

Need for UAM Vehicles Heightened Due to Current Pandemic

See how COVID-19 is boosting innovation in the aerospace industry.

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To grow and adapt to the current, unstable environment COVID-19 has created, companies from start-ups to major original equipment manufacturers are seeking creative, alternative solutions to move their business forward. While crisis can bring panic and uncertainty, it can also drive quick action and revolutionary innovation.

One need this new normal has brought to life is the demand for unmanned technology. With physical distancing and shelter-in-place orders reducing access to people, goods and information, the speedy delivery of materials with little to no human interaction would solve many current challenges.

According to The Engineer, a study conducted by Protolabs in the United Kingdom highlights this new desire for UAM solutions. After questioning 325 aerospace companies. "More than half of companies questioned (53 per cent) believe commercial drone deliveries will be commonplace by 2023, as the public and private sector seek safe ways to guarantee services whilst containing the spread of any viruses." Will we start to see a surge of innovation and UAM vehicles in the near future?