On-Demand Mobility

Fort Worth Ready for More UAM Testing

See what's possible for this Texas town.

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In the growing Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, there are plenty of big players creating an environment for urban air mobility to thrive. One of them happens to be Ross Perot, Jr., founder of real estate company, Hillwood Development. In the 1980s, Perot, Jr. developed the Alliance area in north Fort Worth to accommodate businesses and nearby residences. Today, he believes it can be a hotbed for unmanned aerial vehicle testing, according to AINonline.

"Referring to that property, Perot said, “We have a big lab” for UAS and eVTOL trials, including residential home delivery. Perot envisions a future where heavy-lift drones would be used to move rail shipping containers and working with industry to bring clients to Alliance for the manufacture, training in, and maintenance of these and other new-generation aircraft."